Your life is a story

Your Life Is A Story…

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Your Life Is A Story:

I’m going to be starting this post with this picture below.Your life is a story

What memories do we leave for our loved ones to remember or remind us with? We are all accountable for our deeds. I guess that’s one of God’s greatest gift to humanity – Freewill. To each his own, accountable for you alone.

What are they going to say about you when you are gone? Will they say you were giver or you were selfish? It doesn’t have to be in material things alone, I’m sure you know that already. Did you love? did you hurt people intentionally, especially for your misplaced IDGAF attitude? Did you give without expecting in return. I know it’s totally human and natural to give and expect in return, but did you at least try to be godly?

Will they say you were phony or real? Did you live your life having an unconscious thought that, there’s one kid on your street you don’t pay attention to, that says within his/her heart; I want to be like this Aunty/Uncle. Do you live as an inspiration? Does your life in any way motivates? You’d be surprised at the things you’d hear when you tell your not so close friend to describe “your life”.

I don’t know why I’m saying this, but it’s been on my mind for a while now, I remembered when I was still pretty much younger… I used to watch some “uncles, Aunty”  on my street, and wonder how they pull things off and think I want to be like him/her. Not their life per say, but their philosophy of things, their drive. Even though we later grow up knowing, no one has it so clean. We all living as though nothing is wrong, while being fully aware, we are a bunch of bodies boxing up any demons.

Definitely, you can’t please everyone, that’s the basic truth. If Judas loved Jesus, he won’t have sold a whole man like him for  30 billion for the akant. Sorry 30 pieces of silver…

Still wondering where I’m headed with all this?. All I’m trying to say is… I know you have heard this a billion times, but I want to remind you that your life is a story. Each cover is worth it, each chapter, each page, each word, every damn punctuation!!!

So when a man dies all his secrets go with him                   And fade. A part of history no longer known.                    Done did a lot of dirt I’ll bury with me when I’m gone.       When my story’s told, how will they tell it?

Will they say I was a giver or remember I was selfish?


Farewell – J. Cole

Your Life Is A Story, how do you tell it.

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